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Cord Cutting Experts

  We are a group of Cable and Satellite professionals who switched over to the new streaming technology. Streaming is internet base, a new way of getting your Cable TV a whole lot less. We are here to save you money and deliver excellent service. We have the right equipment to enable you to received over the air (OTA) Antenna signals and any streaming channels. If you need Internet we are authorize Viasat internet providers. If you are interested in only watching free Antenna channels or like to watch less expensive cable channels then we can help. When you call us with your information our representatives will give you a quote on guaranteed performance. We only deliver what we promise, if we can't then we simply won't deliver. We're upfront with you on the first call we will let you know what we can or cannot do because we value your time.


More Channels for Less

  We have all the channels from your favorite local networks to your favorite movie channels. The local networks like CBS, NBC, ABC & etc., are in the process of transitioning over to 4K. What that means is if you have a 4K TV and want to watch 4k channels from your cable or satellite provider you probably can't. Cable and Satellite companies only offer 4K as a premium on PPV. We install a 4K antenna to deliver free OTA reception of programming available now and in the future. Once professionally installed your antenna will last for any future upgrades like 8K and etc. It only make sense to Cut the Cord now and stop paying for outdated service from your current provider, they want you to spend more while we want you to spend less. 

  Our IPTV service is only $15 per month and has live cable channels from A to Z, also a host of international, sports and adult channels. No annual contracts you start and stop when your ready No credit checks, it simply the best entertainment with no strings attached. We offer a 48hr. Free Trial by subscribing below. Why not cut the cord today give us a call we are here to serve.


What you need

  Streaming TV is Internet based so first thing you need is reliable high speed internet service of at least 40mbps. If you have multiple devices and would like to watch video in 4k you will need 90mbps. If you need help in this area we can assist we are an authorized Viasat and HughesNet internet providers. We run daily specials in bundling internet with our smart media boxes or home phone service call for details.

  For your home you will need a TV that has a HDMI input. As long as you have a HDMI input we can make your TV smart or smarter with our smart media boxes. While away from home you can installed our apk to watch TV on your smart phone or tablet. Just lets us know how many devices you need connected, so you can enjoy watching multiple devices at the same time.

Cord Cutting Summary


Easy as 1,2,3

 1)   Get a high quality professionally installed 4k whole home antenna system and watch up to 40 channels free.

2)  Get High Speed Internet service with download speeds of 50mbps or higher and watch an additional 100 channels free.

3)  Stream your favorite cable channels from a trusted provider or give us a shot for only $15/mo. Now you will have over 500 channels at your fingertips and on demand, watch at home or on the go.

4)  Cut your cable subscription and start saving!!

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