Frequently Ask Questions


Can I get local channels?


Yes with our antenna You can get all local channels. Some of the major National Network channels are also available on our streaming service.

Is streaming movies and TV shows illegal?

No! The laws state that processing,downloading, distributing or profiting from copy written material is illegal. You are streaming for entertainment purposes only. You are 

not downloading it and are never in possession of it. You are only viewing it.

Can I watch premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax & etc.?


Yes!  You can not only access the latest shows, but every episode from

every season that was made available on these respective networks.

What else can I do with a Smart Media Box?

Virtually anything you can do on any Android device. You are able to download 

any of the over 800,000  Android Applications from the Google Play Store. You can 

surf the web, check emails and play games.

Is there a warranty on Smart Box and other equipment?

Yes! Every Box is quality controlled tested. We will replace or  fix any  

problems within first 30 days no questions ask. An optional extended

warranty fee of $5.99/mo., will cover your Box, Internet and antenna.

Can I record video content to a DVR?

There is no need to as everything can be viewed on demand therefore there’s no reason to record or download any content. If you like to record off air programming 

we recommend you purchase a  DVR for that purpose.